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Dear Valued Customer,

First of all, Dai Hong Phat Company to send you our most sincere greetings and best wishes of health, happiness and success.
DHP Engineering Services Trading Manufacturer Company established in 2010,  headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, becoming the leading company in Vietnam in the import of industrial equipment suppliers and solutions in automation.

Dai Hong Phat Company is the official distributor of the famous brands in the world, is proud to be the agent of the firm HELMKE, WESTCAR, RINGFEDER, TSCHAN, GERWAH, ECOLOC, HILGER U KERN, KBK-Antriebstechnik, WICHMANN, PT Couplings with products originating in Europe such as:

Flexible Jaw coupling
Fluid Coupling
Gear Coupling
Disc coupling
Couplings for Encoder
Couplings for servo motor
Cardan couplings (universal joint)
Overload Safety Couplings (Torque Limiters)
Measure belt tension Trummeter
Leak Detector for Compressed Air
Squirrel-cage electric motors
Gear motors - gearbox
Drum motor
Water pumps…
IC tester
Shaft Locking Devices

Profile Dai Hong Phat
Dai Hong Phat Company taken to create brand quality, always conscious of keeping the value of its brand, constantly improve the customer to continue to believe, stick with Dai Hong Phat as a companion, a most prestigious supplier , the most competitive price, on-time delivery, inventory respond promptly, providing customers with the most perfect product, the most economical.
Customers of Dai Hong Phat from various fields, diversified industries such as cement factories, steel, timber plants, paper, sugar ... in the domestic market and internationally. With the motto of Single-Source (1 Source), customers can choose from multiple products at the same time from multiple carriers, different brands.

With a staff of professional qualifications, higher consultant, experienced in various fields and industries ..., with the passionate, enthusiastic, attentive ... staff, we always bring our customers the high quality services, beyond the expectations of the customer. The success of our customers is also the success of Dai Hong Phat.
Thanks for the concern and support of customers for Dai Hong Phat.